Round 1

We are putting a call out to interested people to register and be paired with another librarian. People of similar experience will then share a recent literature search they have undertaken and review the search before meeting up virtually to discuss their searches. The search is not a current search and there is no time or other pressure, rather it’s an opportunity to have a peer look at your search and comment or recommend, and to do the same for someone else.

What is involved? Once you have registered your interest, you will be paired with another participant. You and your peer review buddy will be asked to arrange an hour long online meeting. Prior to this meeting, you should send each other a recently completed search strategy, to be reviewed and discussed. Guidance on how to peer review search strategies will be provided, and we will ask you for some feedback on the scheme.

Why should I sign up? Peer reviewing of search strategies is a great way to keep your skills fresh. It’s also a good opportunity to network with other librarians and form more personal professional connections.

Sounds like a great idea! Where can I sign up? Please complete this form by 9th June 2023

What is the timeline involved?

9th June 2023: Registration for the Literature Search Peer Review Buddy Scheme closes.
16th June 2023: Participants are paired and notified of the pairing. A prompt sheet on reviewing a literature search will be provided.
19th June – 28th July 2023: Participants liaise with each other, share a search, arrange a 1 hour virtual meeting to discuss searches and complete the evaluation form.

Will the scheme run again? If the scheme proves successful and there is enough interest, it will be run again and will be open to different approaches in future rounds.

Any questions? If you have any further questions or comments on the scheme, please contact Breeda Herlihy, Mercy University Hospital Librarian,

The HSLG would like to acknowledge advice and documentation shared by Sarah Gardner, Clinical Evidence Specialist, Doncaster & Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust from the Yorkshire and Humber Health Libraries & Knowledge Network (YOHHLNet) Lit Search Peer Review Buddy Scheme.