Round 2

Following on from the success of our inaugural Literature Search Peer Review Buddy Scheme, the HSLG committee is pleased to announce the launch of a second round.  For round 2, we will use the resources of the University of Michigan Taubman Health Sciences Library “Systematic Search Practice Sets” site. This was created by Taubman Health Sciences Library Informationists as a “place to help information professionals bridge the experience gap between systematic search training sessions and engagement in a real live evidence synthesis project.” 

We are putting a call out to interested librarians or information specialists based in Ireland to register and be grouped with 2 other people to discuss search strategies you have individually developed in PubMed in response to a health focussed research question.  The research questions are based on published systematic reviews which are collated on the “Systematic Search Practice Sets” site. Highly relevant articles are provided with the research question and  you can use these to test and modify your search. 

Anyone who might be interested in round 2 does not need to have participated in the first round and likewise anyone who participated in round 1 is not obliged to participate in round 2 if they do not wish to do so. We hope to run additional rounds of the scheme so there will be opportunity to join at a later round if that suits better. 


What is the timeline? 

16 Nov – 1 Dec 2023  Registration for the Literature Search Peer Review Buddy Scheme. Register here: 

27/29 Nov 2023 (Optional meeting) Short virtual meeting to give an overview of Round 2.  Register here: 

4 Dec 2023 Participants are grouped into a triad. They are notified of the triad and the research question they have been assigned. Supporting materials and a prompt sheet on reviewing a literature search will be provided.

12 Dec 2023 (Optional webinar) Julie Glanville, “How to search PubMed effectively” organised by Evidence Synthesis Ireland. Register here:

4 Dec 2023  – 16 Feb 2024 Each participant takes the assigned research question for their group and develops a search strategy. Participants liaise with each other to arrange a 1 hour virtual meeting to discuss their approach to developing the search strategy for the assigned research question. Each participant should share their search strategy with other members in advance of the meeting. 

Post 16 Feb 2024 One member from each group completes the evaluation form.

Why should I sign up? Developing a search strategy with results that you can validate and discuss with others is a great way to develop your searching expertise. It’s also a good opportunity to network with other librarians and form more personal professional connections.  

Sounds like a great idea! Where can I sign up? Please complete this registration form by 5pm Friday 1st December 2023 

If you have any further questions or comments on the scheme, please contact Breeda Herlihy