Member publications

Below is a listing of the latest library and information-related research from HSLG members. If you would like us to include your research (journal articles, oral/poster presentations, or other published works) on this page please send the details to


Dunne M (2022) Library associations: making connections to enable effective change. JEAHIL [Internet]. Sep.2022 18(3):11-5.

Dunne M (2022) Developing a library association membership survey: challenges and promising themes. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice17(3), 3–36.


Dunne M, Halton L, Herlihy B, Madden A & O’Sullivan N (2022) Motorways to boreens: the story of the Irish Health Sciences Libraries Group virtual journal club. JoHILA 2021 2(3)

Dunne M, Farragher A, Farragher L, Galvin B & Nelson M (2021) Health Research Board information specialists: Adapting our practice to meet stakeholder needs during a pandemic, An Leabharlann, issue I.


Dunne Mary (2020) Enhancing social capital in our stakeholder networks, Insights, 33(1): 27. DOI:


Brochu, Lauren & Burns, Jane (2018). Librarians and research data management– A literature review: commentary from a senior professional and a new professional librarian, New Review of Academic Librarianship, DOI: 10.1080/13614533.2018.1501715


Lawler, Fiona; Lawton, Aoife; Manning, Padraig. Delivering information skills training at a health professionals’ Continuing Professional Development conference: an evaluation. [Conference poster]

Madden, Anne. Libraries: a trusted source of health information. The HEAL partnership. Poster presented at the National Patient Safety Office (NPSO) Conference, Dublin Castle on 25-26 October.


Carrigan, Marie. Health Evidence Awareness Reports. Presentation at the Open Access, Open Action Seminar, October 2016.

Farragher, Louise. Open Access and Open Data in Ireland: Embrace the complexity! [Oral Presentation]

Hillis, Grace; Dillon, Niamh. Learning opportunities and useful discussions. Poster presented at the Academic and Special Libraries Group Annual Conference, Dublin 2016

Lawton, Aoife. Taking the plunge with plum analytics. [Oral Presentation]

Lawton, Aoife; Patton, Patricia. A cornucopia of health information. Forum.  July/Aug 2016; p.16

Lawton, Aoife. Communicating the Open Access Message: A Case Study from Ireland. New Review of Academic Librarianship. 2016; 22 (2) 1-18.

Madden, Anne. Demonstrating the financial impact of clinical libraries: a systematic review.   Health Information & Libraries Journal. 2016; 33 (3):172.

Madden, Anne; Lawton, Aoife. HEAR: the health librarians getting loud. Presentation at Annual Conference of the Academic & Special Libraries Section of the Library Association of Ireland 2016.

Rickard, Bennery. Drop Everything and Read campaign. [Conference poster]




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