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Key documents produced by the HSLG Committee.

Health Sciences Libraries Group – Policies and procedures


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Minutes of HSLG annual general meetings

HSLG privacy statement

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HSLG CPD framework project: HSLG_CPD_framework_working_doc_V1.3


Older documents:
Dr Janet Harrison, Claire Creaser and Helen Greenwood (2011) Irish health libraries: new directions: report on the Status of Health Librarianship & Libraries in Ireland (SHeLLI). Dublin: Library Association of Ireland

Standards Steering Group (2004) Standards for Irish healthcare library and information, 2nd edition. Dublin: Library Association of Ireland

Articles written about HSLG work:
Dunne M (2022) Library associations: making connections to enable effective change. JEAHIL [Internet]. Sep.2022 18(3):11-5.

Dunne M (2022) Developing a Library Association Membership Survey: Challenges and Promising Themes. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice17(3), 3–36.

Dunne M, Halton L, Herlihy B, Madden A & O’Sullivan N (2021) Motorways to boreens: the story of the Irish Health Sciences Libraries Group virtual journal club. JoHILA 2021 2(3)