Evidence Case Studies

As part of the #EvidenceInformedHealthcare project of 2017/2018, we asked librarians and information staff to collect and share incidents of their value and impact.  Our colleagues in Knowledge for Healthcare kindly allowed us to use their evidence-based tools to capture this valuable information in the Irish context.


For more information about the KfH value and impact toolkit, including methods, tools, guidance and definitions, see their website


Tools to download for #EvidenceInformedHealthcare:

Case studies

Library users have, very kindly, provided us with evidence of their use of librarian-led services.

Use the links below to find out how health librarians are contributing to better outcomes for service users.

Health Research Board – Facilitating quality systematic reviews

HRB National Drugs Library – Specialist resources to facilitate doctoral study

HRB National Drugs Library – Enabling research reviews

HSE Library Services Dr Steeven’s Hospital – Sourcing material for doctoral study and subsequent clinical pathway

HSE Library Services Dr Steeven’s Hospital – Librarian support for copyright and licensing project

HSE Library Services Dr Steeven’s Hospital – Library search instruction to enable evidence gathering and research

HSE Library Services Dr Steeven’s Hospital – Developing guidance for Boards on their role in improving quality and safety 

HSE Midlands Area: Tullamore and Portlaoise – Library staff and resource contribution to a Hospital major emergency plan 

Naas HSE Library – Library literature search/search strategy instruction for completing a MSc thesis

Naas HSE Library – Library instruction and sourcing articles for leadership masters programme

Naas HSE Library – Support for COPD research project

Nass HSE Library – Accessing best practice online for Dept of Nutrition and Dietetics

We have also received evidence from surveys:

Click here to see evidence of value and impact from surveys completed by library users