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HSLG conference 2023

The HSLG committee are excited to announce our 2023 conference will take place on Thursday 9 March in the Ashling Hotel, Dublin.

This year’s theme is ‘Time to reflect: managing our professional development’ which is relevant to all librarians and information specialists in Ireland.

Time for professional development may sometimes seem like a luxury amid hectic work-schedules. However, having a structured development plan is an investment in ourselves, our practice and our profession. This conference aims to provide practical advice on CPD management, and to enable a discussion about what organisations, including the HSLG, LAI and our employers, can do to enhance the scope, value and effectiveness of our professional development.

We have invited some well-known speakers to provide their insight:

  • Jane Burns – CPD serendipity, challenges and opportunities- developing a framework for health librarians
  • Mary Buckley & Isabelle Courtney – Making a commitment to your professional development
  • Marie O’Neill – Five key competencies for librarians

Kate Kelly (RCSI) and Liis Cotter (HLI) will lead a panel about CPD in their organisations. We want to understand what works well and what could be adopted as good practice across our sector.

Of course, we are pleased and grateful that some of our members will also present at our event:

  • Ailish Farragher – Supplemental searching in the health sciences: the view from Plato’s cave”
  • Marie Carrigan – Using PRESS for search peer review
  • Jim Healy – Continuing professional development and learning from the experience of others
  • Anne Madden – I’ll show you mine if you show me yours

Do join us for a day for chat and sharing, where we can learn how to improve and demonstrate our value together.

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Note: The Bernard Barrett Bursary is a special award to enable HSLG members from across Ireland to attend the annual conference. Members may apply for funds to cover the registration fee and/or travel expenses:


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HSLG Virtual Journal Club, Thursday 23 June 2022 – Bibliotherapy & Health Libraries

HSLG Virtual Journal Club, 23 June 2022, 11:00 – 11:45am

Article: Tukhareli, N (2017) Bibliotherapy-based wellness program for healthcare providers: using books and reading to create a healthy workplace, Journal of the Canadian Health Libraries Association. 38(2) Available at: DOI:

Bibliotherapy presentation_HSLG_VJC_June_2022 by Michael (in slideshow mode – click images for links to useful resources (or right-click image and ‘open link’))

Michael Doheny’s suggested questions:

  1. What is your overall reaction to the article and the idea of a “Healthy Reading” section in a medical (or other) library?
  2. What are your thoughts on the extension of such a section into staff and patient support and collaboration with other mental health support staff?
  3. Should all medical libraries have a “Self-Help” section for patients and staff? Do you feel it could work for your library?
  4. What steps would be needed to develop a healthy reading (and /or bibliotherapy club) at your library?
  5. What resources can librarians employ to develop such a collection, national book lists, local counsellors / doctors / own expertise based on library stats and book reviews?
  6. Could a Library Bibliotherapy service/ club, compliment a Healthy reading book section?
  7. Any other thoughts, ideas, discussion…
Journal club meetings · News

HSLG Virtual Journal Club, 3rd March 2022 – The Lean Librarian

HSLG Virtual Journal Club, 3rd March 2022, 11am – 11.45am

Article: Nyberg, R. (2017). Lean Knowledge Management at Vantaa City Library.

Liis Cotter’s suggested questions:

  1. Library as a competitor – are we competing for each and every customer?
  2. Consider culture change – how open are we to introduction of improvements?
  3. Notice waste – is there any “waste” in your library? How do you recognise it and what do you plan to do about it?
  4. Can you think of an aspect of your service you would like to change?
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Bursaries for HSLG members

To enable as many health librarians as possible to attend CPD events including virtual or in-person courses and conferences, the HSLG is offering bursaries to cover early-bird registration fees for members.

To apply, please complete the bursary form on our website and email it to us at

Note: Funds are restricted so early application is advisable.

The HSLG Committee

HSLG Committee

My Experience of the HSLG Committee by Noreen McHugh

Having been successful in my election onto the HSLG Committee at the AGM in June 2018, I was shortly to attend my first HSLG committee meeting. It was proposed that I would be the new treasurer and my experience to date has been positive and informative. I remain impressed by the efficiency of the HSLG committee in organising and delivering highly relevant CPD events. I am pleased to see how accessible these events are to Health Science Libraries staff through online booking and subsidised attendance fees.

Membership on this committee has been an opportunity to develop and demonstrate many competencies such as teamwork, communication skills, budgeting and event management. What I enjoy most is the support from the other committee members. My “committee anxiety”, not dissimilar to “library anxiety”, was unfounded. The readiness to value my contributions (even if sometimes a bit sketchy) has increased my confidence in putting forward proposals. If you are an ‘ideas’ person or would like to work on a committee where your contribution is valued and your input appreciated, then I cannot recommend the HSLG Committee highly enough.

Noreen McHugh.    Senior Library Assistant (at time of writing).

HSLG Committee

Meeting briefing from the HSLG Committee – June 2016

The first meeting of the new HSLG Committee took place in Dr Steevens’ Hospital on 21 June 2016.
We acknowledged, with thanks, the departing Committee members – Caroline Rowan, Diarmuid Stokes, Anne Murphy and Brian Galvin for their great work; and welcomed two new members: Mary and Shauna.

HSLG Committee Members 2016
– Michael Doheny (Chair)
– Bennery Rickard (Vice-Chair)
– Louise Bradley (Secretary)
– Louise Farragher (Treasurer)
– Mary Dunne and Shauna Barrett (Communication Officers)

We had a good discussion about the year ahead. Here are a few of the key points:
– The next issue of HINT is coming soon.
– The Committee agreed that we would take an in-depth look at continuing professional development for Irish health librarians over the next 12 months. We also hope to provide a very interesting one-day CPD course on 24 August 2016 – watch out for details coming soon!
– Because the International Congress of Medical Libraries (ICML), is taking place in Dublin next year (12-15 June 2017), we won’t be holding a HSLG conference. We will however have a session for HSLG members at ICML. An ‘open forum’ was suggested. ICML website:

We would be delighted to welcome new members to the HSLG Committee. If you would like to join us please get in touch at

And don’t forget to visit the HSLG website for updates.

The HSLG Committee
T: @healthlibraries

HSLG Committee

Health Service Excellence Awards 2016 – nominate a librarian

The HSE’s Health Service Excellence Awards are now open for expressions of interest.  The Awards are open to all staff working in the public health system directly run or funded by the HSE. These may include any service provided directly to the public including clinical services, primary care or social / family support; support services including catering, portering, security, clerical and management to include people management processes, information technology or service management initiatives.

It would be a good opportunity to raise the profile of projects which librarians have been involved in so if you have developed or participated in a project which meets the criteria, submit your details for approval. Let’s get some recognition for our work!

Full details are available at: