CPD 2: Engaging in activities

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Note: HSLG members may apply for bursaries to attend relevant CPD courses and other events.

How to choose quality continuing professional development:

Library Association – CPD sources

Medical Library Association (MLA)

Webinars, self-pace & led courses.
Cost for most activities but some free webinars and self-assessment tools.
Some courses have MLA CE credit.
ALAI health libraries Australia

Course list updated regularly.
Cost for most activities. Free access to audits.
Gives CPD hours for each course.

Cost for many training activities.
Also has open access webinars and open access online courses (on leadership).
Some activities accredited by CILIP.
ALA – American Library Association

Online webinars, e-courses & events.
Most activities require a fee.
IFLA CPD and Workplace Learning Section

Occasional news, resources and events on CPD.
Free activities.
Canadian Health Libraries Association

Online workshops. Cost for most activities.
Accredited by CHLA/ABSC.

Library-specific training

Health Library Ireland (HSE)

Online workshops.
Events for HSE staff & authorised library users.Courses may offer credits.
Web Junction OCLC

Self-paced short courses.
Free, after registration.
Certificates of attendance.
Library carpentry

Online workshops.
Free activities.
Library Juice Academy

Online courses.
Prices vary, discounts on purchases of bundles.
Certificates of attendance.

Online sessions on product demos on Libapps, Libguides, Libwizard etc.
Free live events. Libapps login required for past events.
LIR HEAnet User Group for Libraries

LIR events

Lists their events for third level library and information sector.

Digital, technical and research skills

Evidence Synthesis Ireland

Live webinars / training.
Fees vary. Can apply for reductions.
National Library of Medicine

Free recorded webinars.
Duke University library

Free online course with 7 modules.
Yale – Cushing/ Whitney Medical Library

Free systematic Searches videos #1-11.
Cochrane training

Live training and online handbook.
Some, like learning live events are free. Activities like interactive learning have a cost.
Pubmed training

Free learning resources videos.

Free videos on methods, models, protocols, reviews etc.

YouTube videos.

Self-pace & live videos.
San Hose University

Free recorded webinar (1 hour) and archived online course.


UAB Alumni

YouTube recording (1 hour).
National and State Libraries Australasia

YouTube recording (1.5 hour).

Free self-paced course.
Research Data Management Librarian Academy

Free self-paced online course.
Certificate; Cont Ed Credits available.
UCD library

Free Libguides. Has tools and videos on a range of subjects.
Association of College & Research Libraries

Free libguides.

Search and research webinars

Free webinars
ARK – Accessibility resources and know-how

Free online courses and webinars on aspects of digital accessibility.

General library-related skills

Illinois library

Free open access book on teaching / learning.
Shoosh podcast


Free webinar recording.

Free webinar recordings. Registration is required.
Courses have a fee.

Guide (6 chapters).

General course/professional development websites

eCollege (Solas)

Business, digital, data, office, computer etc.
Free, requires Irish PPSN & registration. Supported by Irish Government.
Further education course hub (Solas)

In person or online courses.
Free, there may be eligibility criteria.
Supported by Irish Government.

Access to higher level courses.
Free or subsidised courses, eligibility criteria apply.
Supported by Irish Government.

Access to courses from multiple sources (e.g MIT, Harvard, Cambridge, Google). Courses are free in the audit track (Except executive ed, boot camps, professional education courses). Certificates must be purchased. Fees for the verified track range between $50 USD and $300 USD.
Open University

Free online self-pace courses.
Free statement of participation on completion. Badges may be available.

Online paid and free courses.
Some free courses.

Graduate courses/modules


Online module.
€400 for the module. LAI-accredited module
Aberystwyth Library School

Undergraduate and Postgraduate online modules.
10 credit fee– £535 20 credit Short Course fee- £965.
Has CILIP CPD Provider Recognition.
University of Sheffield

Face-to-face and online modules. Online course fees: £1,033 per 15-credit module in 2023/24.
San José State University School of Information

Online classes.
Fees for Open Classes are $474 per unit (most courses are 3 units). Total cost for one 3-unit class is $1,422.
Open Classes program are electives in our master’s degree programs.