Questions for tonight’s Twitterchat

To help focus all our minds for tonight’s Twitterchat, here is the list of questions that we will be posing over the course of the event.

Q1 – What do you consider the key skills of a health librarian?
Q2 – The LAI recommends 25 hours of CPD per year. How many hours and what types of CPD do you complete each year?
Q3 – How does your organisation support your professional development?
Q4 – What skills would you like to acquire in the coming year?
Q5 – Do you publicise your qualifications at work and if so how?
Q6 – What kinds of e-learning have you completed recently? And did you find it more or less useful than in-person training?
So have a think about these questions over the course of the day and we’ll kick off with question 1 at 8:00 pm tonight.
Don’t forget the hashtag for tonight is #HSLGchat

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