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HEAR bulletin: Focus on medical resources. 2(4), August 2016

This is a new look HEAR Bulletin for August 2016. It should be of interest to you and your colleagues as it focuses on Online Medical Resources for all.  HEAR stands for Health Evidence Awareness Report and is a collaboration between librarians from a variety of Irish health organisations. This HEAR bulletin is our 10th and we are now in our second year providing both specialised information to health professionals and quality resources to health consumers on specific health topics.

This issue focuses on quality online medical resources, including Irish and international websites, guidelines and standards, blogs and podcasts as well as search tips on how to find reliable health & medical information and how to evaluate what you do find.   It’s a useful starting point for anyone new to researching in the health sciences or it can be used as a reference & refresher tool for the more experienced user. Included also are quality resources for patients and non-health professionals on a variety of health topics. Where possible, we include links to freely available resources.

Find this issue of HEAR on LENUS: The Irish Health Repository courtesy of the HSE Library, Dr. Steevens Hospital at All previous issues of HEAR can also be found on LENUS at

Please share and circulate these HEAR links and feel free to tweet using #HEARbulletin. We welcome all feedback.

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