Submit your evidence of value and impact

As part of #Evidenceinformedhealthcare, we would like librarians and information staff to collect and share incidents of their value and impact.  Our colleagues in Knowledge for Healthcare are kindly allowing us to use their evidence-based tools to capture this valuable information in the Irish context. (For more information about the KfH value and impact toolkit, see their website)   EIH_logo

Tools to download:

Guidance document:

Please send all completed forms to contacthslg@gmail.com, so we can share the value of librarians and information staff with our key stakeholders.

Note, we are particularly interested in capturing the value and impact of librarians, rather than simple user satisfaction. The following definitions may be useful.

Methods and procedures for assessing the impact of libraries ISO 16439:2014.

IMPACT – The influence of libraries and their services on individuals and/or on society. The difference or change in an individual or group resulting from the contact with library services;

VALUE – The importance that stakeholders (funding institutions, politicians, the public, users, staff) attach to libraries and which is related to the perception of actual or potential benefit. The input is converted into output by means of processes. The output can have direct, pre-defined effects (outcomes). Output and outcomes can lead to impact and finally to value.”

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