HSLG conference 2023: presentations

The HSLG committee would like to thank everyone who attended our 2023 conference – Time to reflect: managing our professional development, on 9 March 2023 in Dublin. We would especially like to thank our speakers for their excellent, informative and engaging presentations. Where we have permission, we have uploaded their presentations here:

Jane Burns

CPD serendipity, challenges and opportunities

CPD Planner

Mary Buckley & Isabelle Courtney

Making a commitment to your Professional Development

Marie O’Neill

Five key competencies for Librarians

Ailish Farragher

Supplementary searching in the health sciences the view from Plato’s cave

Marie Carrigan

Using PRESS for search peer review

Jim Healy

Continuing Professional Development and Learning from the Pandemic

Anne Madden

You show me yours and I’ll show you mine

Kate Kelly

How CPD is supported at RCSI

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HSLG conference 2023

The HSLG committee are excited to announce our 2023 conference will take place on Thursday 9 March in the Ashling Hotel, Dublin.

This year’s theme is ‘Time to reflect: managing our professional development’ which is relevant to all librarians and information specialists in Ireland.

Time for professional development may sometimes seem like a luxury amid hectic work-schedules. However, having a structured development plan is an investment in ourselves, our practice and our profession. This conference aims to provide practical advice on CPD management, and to enable a discussion about what organisations, including the HSLG, LAI and our employers, can do to enhance the scope, value and effectiveness of our professional development.

We have invited some well-known speakers to provide their insight:

  • Jane Burns – CPD serendipity, challenges and opportunities- developing a framework for health librarians
  • Mary Buckley & Isabelle Courtney – Making a commitment to your professional development
  • Marie O’Neill – Five key competencies for librarians

Kate Kelly (RCSI) and Liis Cotter (HLI) will lead a panel about CPD in their organisations. We want to understand what works well and what could be adopted as good practice across our sector.

Of course, we are pleased and grateful that some of our members will also present at our event:

  • Ailish Farragher – Supplemental searching in the health sciences: the view from Plato’s cave”
  • Marie Carrigan – Using PRESS for search peer review
  • Jim Healy – Continuing professional development and learning from the experience of others
  • Anne Madden – I’ll show you mine if you show me yours

Do join us for a day for chat and sharing, where we can learn how to improve and demonstrate our value together.

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Note: The Bernard Barrett Bursary is a special award to enable HSLG members from across Ireland to attend the annual conference. Members may apply for funds to cover the registration fee and/or travel expenses: https://hslg.ie/about/hslg-bursary/


Journal club meetings

HSLG Virtual Journal Club, Thursday 1 December 2022 – Data privacy in our libraries

HSLG Virtual Journal Club, 1 December 2022, 11:00 – 11:45am

Data tracking in research: aggregation and use or sale of usage data by academic publishers (DFG, German Research Foundation) 28 October 2021: Click to access detentracking papier PDF

Hosted by Caitriona Lee, Health Research Board

For a PDF of Caitriona’s presentation, including some very useful references and sources for further information please click the following link: HSLG_Journal_Club-Data_Privacy_in_our_libraries

Questions to ponder

  • What level of awareness do we individually and collectively as a profession have of the issues of data privacy described in this report?
  • What level of awareness do we need to have, and how much IT knowledge do we need to understand what is in question?
  • What choice can health librarians realistically have on this issue given that 1) we usually have little control over many IT-related questions, and 2) we have to supply e-journals and e-books to our readership.
  • We probably trust our vendors with our data, but do we know what they do with it?
  • There has been quite a lot of coverage of this topic in the literature from public and academic librarians but not much from health – are there reasons that health librarians might not write about this?
  • Is there an expectation that privacy is in practice a thing of the past – that to use any online resources, a person must accept being tracked not just by the library and the vendor but by third parties who purchase the data. Is the philosophy of privacy as a right a fading idea – that as long as purchasers of user data do not leak the data or harm the user directly, they are entitled to track users around the net?
  • We typically give library users information about data protection and use of cookies on our library websites – do we think the users read the notices, understand what is implied and perhaps change their cookie settings, or do we all just click OK to all and go straight to what we want?
  • This paper is from Germany but a lot of the work on this topic has been published by American librarians – are we less at risk in Europe with our data protection laws, or do we assume we are?
  • If this is the current state of play, what data will the publishers/vendors/conglomerates look for next?

HSLG AGM 2022 notice

The Health Services Libraries Group will hold our annual general meeting online on Thursday 24 November, 11–11.30am. To attend the AGM you must be a member of the HSLG. Members can email contacthslg@gmail.com for the registration link.

If you are a member of the Library Association of Ireland and wish to join the HSLG please fill in the short online form available at https://hslg.ie/about/membership/.

Nominations for new committee members takes place at every AGM. Download our nomination form here: HSLG_committee_membership_nomination_form

Note: Membership to the HSLG is open to all LAI members. It entitles you to attend CPD events and the annual conference at a reduced rate. Members can also apply for bursaries to cover the costs of attending conferences and CPD events https://hslg.ie/about/hslg-bursary/


HINT Summer 2022

HINT 20(2) Summer 2022

P.2 CONTENTS CPD(1): IFLA WLIC 2022, Dublin

  • IFLA WLIC 2022: Some Reflections, Jean McMahon
  • Plenty of Food for Thought at IFLA WLIC: A Personal Narrative, Emma Quinn
  • IFLA 2022 Health Satellite Meeting, Mary Dunne
  • Poster Gallery from IFLA WLIC 2022, Mairea Nelson

P.8 A Pilot Decluttering Day for Heath Library Ireland, Clare Healy Murphy
P.9 My Athens+, Pamela Doyle
P.11 Research and Information Intersection, Research, Information and Leadership Bernard Barrett

P.12 CPD(2): EAHIL 2022, Rotterdam

  • BROADEN THE HORIZONS – diversity, partnership, and innovation with a human touch, Noreen McHugh
  • Memories of EAHIL 2022, Anne Madden
  • Mary Dunne’s Award Winning Poster Presentation, HSLG Committee

P.19 Poster Presentation Tips, Aoife Lawton
P.20 Health Library Ireland Go Live with Koha Interlibrary Loan, Niamh Walker-Headon
P.22 LITE Reading (Library, Information, Technology & Evidence), Mary Dunne

HINT is the bulletin of the HSLG, members can send content to contacthslg@gmail.com


IFLA Heath and Biosciences Section satellite meeting

The IFLA Health and Biosciences Libraries Section in collaboration with the Evidence for Global and Disaster Health Special Interest Group and the Health Sciences Libraries Group of the Library Association of Ireland co-sponsored a satellite meeting in conjunction with the IFLA Annual Congress at Dr Steevens’ Hospital on the 29 July 2022. The theme of the meeting was “Exploring How Open Science and Open Access Influence the Spread of Health Misinformation and Disinformation and How Librarians Can Help”.

The HSLG committee would like to thank our three speakers:

  • Juan Miguel Palma Pena, Academic Librarian at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)-Humanities: Functions of scholarly libraries to encourage open science: analysis to face disinformation.
  • Niamh Walker-Headon Library Resources Manager, Digital Knowledge Services at Health Library Ireland: The role of the institutional repository in delivering COVID-19 evidence summaries.
  • Michelle Dalton, Head of Research Services at University College Dublin Library in Dublin: Moving the conversation from access to evaluation: the next step for libraries in open access.

Journal club meetings · News

HSLG Virtual Journal Club, Thursday 23 June 2022 – Bibliotherapy & Health Libraries

HSLG Virtual Journal Club, 23 June 2022, 11:00 – 11:45am

Article: Tukhareli, N (2017) Bibliotherapy-based wellness program for healthcare providers: using books and reading to create a healthy workplace, Journal of the Canadian Health Libraries Association. 38(2) Available at: DOI: https://doi.org/10.5596/c17-010

Bibliotherapy presentation_HSLG_VJC_June_2022 by Michael (in slideshow mode – click images for links to useful resources (or right-click image and ‘open link’))

Michael Doheny’s suggested questions:

  1. What is your overall reaction to the article and the idea of a “Healthy Reading” section in a medical (or other) library?
  2. What are your thoughts on the extension of such a section into staff and patient support and collaboration with other mental health support staff?
  3. Should all medical libraries have a “Self-Help” section for patients and staff? Do you feel it could work for your library?
  4. What steps would be needed to develop a healthy reading (and /or bibliotherapy club) at your library?
  5. What resources can librarians employ to develop such a collection, national book lists, local counsellors / doctors / own expertise based on library stats and book reviews?
  6. Could a Library Bibliotherapy service/ club, compliment a Healthy reading book section?
  7. Any other thoughts, ideas, discussion…
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HSLG conference 2022: presentations

The HSLG committee would like to thank everyone who attended our 2022 conference – Open to change, on 24 March 2022 in Dublin. We would especially like to thank our speakers for their excellent, informative and engaging presentations. Where we have permission, we have uploaded their presentations here:

Louise Farragher, Health Research Board –
Citation tracking: tools and approaches – slides
Citation tracking: tools and approaches – full presentation (external link)

Liis Cotter, Health Service Executive –
Nursing journal club for mental health nurses – it will never work, will it? – slides

Richard Hollis, Cochrane –
How to integrate Cochrane Interactive Learning to deliver systematic review training for early-career stage healthcare researchers – slides.

Trish Patton, Irish College of General Practitioners –
An action research study on the design and development of an e-learning module on information skills to empower general practitioners – slides.

Niamh O’Sullivan, Irish blood Transfusion Service
Connections that count: Credit to the Crew

Aoife Lawton, Health Service Executive
A national eHealth library for Ireland: the story so far

Caitriona Lee, Health Research Board
Showing our workings: the new PRISMA 2020 and the use of search summary tables